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Unlimited Coding, One Place

The most comprehensive and enjoyable online coding classes for kids

Is your little one showing interest in games and apps? Does your daughter want to know why electronics work? This is the best time to enroll her in online coding classes for kids. Our coding programs for kids are designed to give your child virtual “edutainment.”

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How it Works

The Simple System for Online Coding Classes for Kids

We work to make learning fun, comprehensive, and simple every time.

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Learn valuable skills

Access a mentor

Kid focused programming applications

As parents, we always aim to help our kids learn valuable skills that they can use throughout their lifetime. Our mentors here at Byte Squad are remarkable teachers. We provide coding programs for kids that can serve as a good foundation for smart, innovative, and successful individuals in the future.

Let your kids learn through our virtual and interactive coding exercises, specifically created for budding young girls.

Why Byte Squad

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Text-based coding

We do not only teach your child the basics of coding and programming.

We guide them along to apply their text-based coding knowledge. The exciting learning activities mean they never even realize that they are learning a difficult skill. The comprehension goals for our programs are the key to better learning of coding.

Student Progress Report

For every lesson, it’s crucial that you and your child can measure her progress. Our coding programs for kids make use of our progress tracker to celebrate every milestone. We can easily address any area that your child may struggle with. Setting goals and achieving them is our mission. We also have a family management portal so parents can monitor their little learners.

Student Progress Tracker

Family Management Portal

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Online Class

Enhanced Problem Solving

Our online academy guarantees that your little girl will learn coding skills in no time and have fun along the way. Likewise, your child can enhance her problem-solving, practical, and critical thinking skills with each coding lesson.

Program Features

From on-demand videos to individual lessons - Byte Squad Has It All.

Whether your child wants to learn scratch coding, game programming, Minecraft, or Roblox coding, we offer them all. Our dedicated and systematic curriculum ensures that your little budding programmer will learn these useful skills.


We offer the best technology to help your little girl learn right in the comfort of home. Our team is always available to virtually attend to every need of your child in our online coding classes for kids.

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Enroll your little programmer today!

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