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Bedtime Stories with Jack and Jill of America, Incorporated

I held a very special bedtime storytime with the Jack and Jill of America, Incorporated organization. It was co-hosted by some of its pre-teen members, and I just love how this organization prepares even the littlest ones for leadership. The bedtime jingle to start the program was super cute, so I added a snippet below.

Bedtime Stories is a monthly webinar series featuring stories by African American authors. The series has continued to provide the wonderful tradition of storytelling to Jack and Jill children. Specifically designed for children in grades K-3rd Grade, Bedtime Stories nurtures better readers, writers and listeners. Through this initiative coordinated by the National Program Committee, African American children’s authors are invited to share their literary works via a monthly online format. The storyteller-listener relationship creates a unique opportunity for children to engage and dialogue with African American authors. Through the power of good storytelling via Bedtime Stories, a deepened connection using narrative and powerful imagery is created for children. The format also allows children to ask the

author questions about the stories and interact on a national level.


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