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Youtube Launch | Terysa Solves It Coding Lab

🎊 I'm sooo excited to share the first episode in my YouTube STEM series ( for kids on International Day of Play. This episode explores the concept of loops, a fundamental programming technique that enables computers to perform repetitive tasks efficiently. 

To make this concept relatable for young learners, I compare loops to following a dance routine💃🏾. Just as dancers repeat steps in the Cupid Shuffle, computers use loops to repeat instructions. This fun analogy helps children see the practical application of coding in everyday activities they enjoy.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 For Parents & Educators: Understanding loops is essential for developing coding skills and enhancing problem-solving capabilities. I simplify these complex ideas into enjoyable and accessible lessons that spark curiosity and creativity.

🎮Why Loops Matter: From the games we play to the apps we use daily, loops are a core part of how technology works. By learning how these structures operate, kids begin to think like programmers, approaching problems with innovative and efficient solutions.

🗓️ Catch New Episodes Weekly! Join us every Tuesday and Thursday for new adventures in Computer Science, tailored specifically for children ages 3-8.

Don't forget to grab your coding robots, explorers! 


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