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Based on a true story of a little girl who loves to solve problems.

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Think Like A Computer!

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Terysa Ridgeway is a Technical Program Manager at Google. Before that, Terysa was a rocket scientist developing code for Exoatmospheric Spacecraft! Terysa holds Computer Science and Mathematics degrees from Southern University and A&M College, and is nearing completion of Stanford University's LEAD Executive Education program.

Terysa lives with her supportive husband and their four children, a creative ten-year-old, a nine-year-old aspiring author and songwriter, an inquisitive three-year-old, and an energetic two-year-old.

Terysa believes that when it comes to learning, with the right support, the sky is the limit! 


Eight-year-old Terysa loves to solve problems. Give her some time and she'll figure out how to solve anything.

So when Terysa is given an older computer for her birthday, she faces her biggest challenge yet: can she make it talk?


Terysa is full of good ideas, but will any of them work, or does she need to change her approach and think less like a human and think more like a computer?

What others are saying

Terysa Solves It: Think Like A Computer is an extremely powerful story and illustration of support, individual self-assurance and thinking outside the “toy box”.

Dr. Ebonierose Wade,

Conference Director, BLACK GIRLS ROCK! Inc.